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    There has been an interesting debate since the books of Charles Darwin were published. Charles Dawin was not a political leader of his time. It was more the likes of Herbert Spence that gave the common words “survival of the fittest” and not Darwin himself. Like others during that time, Sir Francis Galton (1822 – 1911) that gave us the eugenics movement. With Spence and Galton: only added to the racial fears of American and European governments – like the rise of Hitler – and the Jim Crow laws of America being more tame. The problem with the eugenics movements within the United States and Europe, wanted to place negative standings to people being economically underdeveloped.

    Still, is the eugenics movement a conservative movement, or, a progressive movement? Not talking about the current conservative and progressive movements within the United States of America: as that is a nonsensical debate dealing with only six percent of the total world population. The debate of a conservative makes it clear to whatever political organization that a system of government or customs has been performed over centuries or longer. With a progressive, with whatever political organization or accepted customs of a society: that change is needed to develop a society – being an economical development or social change that cannot be altered with whatever amount of force to prevent it.

    With political theory, the political organizations that call themselves conservative have in the past supported a eugenics movement or some other method to prove a subculture or sub-racial group are not equal with the dominate race in political power. With evolution, like the theory of eugenics and the Jim Crow laws: used laws to devalue human life and to alter the makeup of a society – like the radical use of eugenics with the Jewish race in Europe up to the year 1945. Take the conservative movement since the 1870s onward to our present age: the values they place onto minorities have in due respect been more of a progressive movement.

    The American progressive movement, dealing with the issue of evolution: has more or a conservative understanding of evolution. As the movement has been clear that whites, blacks and other races have been very much the same – not just centuries, not just thousands of years – more as the same even before written history. They will say, we are only ninety-seven percent the same as a monkey. They will say the difference between the races is so minor it is pointless to say there is really and DNA difference between say a white man and a black man. Even with that minor difference in DNA, they have been the same before the Christian era or before the written era.

    It sound funny to a number of people, but the conservative movement that is political, are more the progressive side of evolution; with the progressive movement that is political, is the conservative side of evolution.

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