Evidence of Dumbocrat failed foreign policy ideology

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    According to the Dumbocrats, if you do the following things, you will never have any problems in the world. They are adamant that people do not hate us because of our freedom or our culture:

    • Appease your enemies

    • Don't meddle in any foreign affairs (even if Hitler is creating the Holocaust)

    • Surrender your free speech if any portion of it offends them

    • Surrender your culture if any portion of it offends them

    • Surrender your religion if any portion of it offends them

    However, after reading this CNN article (yes, the left-wing CNN, not Fox News, Dumbocrats) it is clear that the Obama Administration has subscribed to this foreign policy in general, and this Admbassador lived his life by these rules specifically.

    And where did it get this Ambassador who fought for these filthy animals, advocated for them, and bowed to them? It got him slaughtered. Dumbocrats don't understand basic dog psychology.

    Slain ambassador died 'trying to help build a better Libya' - CNN.com
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