Everything's Going According To Plan For Obama

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    James O'Keefe released another video of an additional Democratic Party staffer dispensing advice to voters on how to vote twice today. Voting early and voting often looks like its definitely in the Democratic Party's and the president's re election game plan this year. One hit "It could be accidental" Two hits, "Everything's going according to plan" along with that impossible probability that all of the presidents campaign donations came only from 1/4 of America's voters, instead of from places like the Palestinian Refugee Camps, or Mecca, or Mohammed Morsi and his head decapitating brothers, looks like legal or illegal and the distinctions between them just dissappeared from Obama and Axelrod's dictionaries. Then there's this other little blurb. Remember when David Axelrod picked the phone up and called the Gallup organization to comment on Gallup's polling methodology when the president was running behind Mitt Romney in the polls earlier in the month, giving the Gallup people a new anus in the process. Then, suddenly almost immediately after the call Obama bounded ahead poll wise. Well, staffers at Gallup acknowledged that Axelrod threatened Gallup with a lawsuit, then followed through on it. Voila' 'Bam was now ahead. How about them apples?
    Now what do you suppose 'Bam and Axelrod are gonna do if and when they lose? That billion dollahs won't be sittin there long drawin' interest. No sirreee! Every state 'Bam loses will see a court battle to force a recount, but only to have certain ballots recounted, and probably recounted twice. Then, in the meantime Occupy Wall Street and 'Bam's supporters 'We still want our free stuff" will be rioting in the streets. 'Bam will do nothing as chief executive to quell the domestic unrest until the people acquiesce and let him stay for another four years. Just one caveat, the Head of the Joint Chiefs might also be in 'Bams pocket. a little trick from Adolph H. that 'Bam picked up along the way while reading his book 'Ten Easy Ways To Become A Dictator and Despot"

    Second O

    Gallup Changes Polling Methodology After Axelrod’s Threats Led To DOJ Lawsuit, Obama Sees Immediate Spike In Approval Rating.. | Weasel Zippers
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