Ever notice how much government we REALLY have?

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    About all the talk I see on here cooncerns Washington, DC. You know, the prez, congress., etc. Of course if you go to DC you see all the lovely monumental buildings that house our government. I love the Capitol building it is so beautiful. But think about it. There is a Captiol building (county courthouse) in most every county in the US, and in most every city (City Hall). From the Wiki:

    As to cities, Yahoo says abnout the number of cities:

    Of course there are a few consolidated city/county governemnts which lowers the numbers above. Slightly.

    I would say most, if not all, of these have their own little mini 'Capitol' buildings. They tax us , regulate us, and keep us on the straight and narrow.... ho ho ho! That's a LOT of little Capitols, now isn't it! Did you ever think of it that way? But our local governement is made up of our friends. Is it really, now? All it takes is enough 'one votes' for a buzzard to get into office and feather his own nest.

    Speaking of regulation, I have in the past put forth how regulated we are through administrative boards and virtually no one even notices because most people are too obsessed with how much money Congress is appropriating itself in the way of salary and expenses. There is a line in the movie Silkwood, 'the goddammned government fucks you coming and going.' Anyone who thinks about the sheer number of administrative boards and 'little Capitols' we have here in this country surely sees this to be true. And how many times have we voted that 1 cent tax increase! Oh, but it's for a good cause. You know -the schools!

    Come on folks. We have done this to ourselves have we not? Please do tell if you agree or disagree and why or why not!
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