Ever hear of the Franklin Cover Up?/reaches the White House.

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    I watched this video myself a while ago, it was disturbing in the Extreme, I've linked it from a couple different avenues here in case one version might be better, it is grainy, a little rough audio, but definitely good enough:

    'Conspiracy of Silence'--the 'video congress didn't want out' and threatened cable with new legislation to supress it...
    for a Discovery Channel Documentary revealing lots more on Franklin case
    Conspiracy of Silence: Child Abuse

    The New York Times - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    NY Times reported Dec 18, 1988 that the "Omaha office of the Fed Bureau of Investigation acknowledged that it had independently received reports of sexual abuse and that they were subject of it's own criminal inquiry into the credit union affair."

    The Franklin Cover Up & the Conspiracy of Silence
    The Franklin Cover Up--the Worst Cover Up in All of American History--"This Story is one of the most scandalous stories ever to surface in America. It is a documented case of Satanism, Human Sacrifice, and Government run and government protected pedophilia rings, which are there to serve the sick and perverse needs of the 'Elite' who run this Nation, Congressman, Senators, Presidents, Judges, you name the office, and you can bet it is filled with pedophiles who use the 'services' of such kidnapping and pedophile rings which are government run and protected. A rare insight into the criminality of the FBI."
    Letsroll911.org - Controlled Demolitons of the World Trade Center - Flight 175 Missile, Pod, No Plane at Pentagon, Shanksville - Phil Jayhan

    YouTube-'The FBI has covered up the details and the perps have links to CIA--Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPS with Reagan'
    YouTube - justice4johnnygosch's Channel [This may be a repeat of the video linked above, or a snippet?

    Washington Times
    alleged that key officials of the Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush administrations were connected to an elaborate Washington, D.C. male prostitution ring, and reported that two of these prostitutes even entered the White House late at night.
    Scanned image of Washington Times article--June 29, 1989
    Full Scans of the Washington Times story
    " 'Callboys' took midnight tour of White House"

    From the WIKIlink above--"...On February 6, 1990, former County District Judge Samuel Van Pelt was appointed a special prosecutor for the Douglas County Grand Jury, which convened on March 12, 1990. On July 23, 1990, after hearing many hours of testimony, the county grand jury threw out all of the allegations concerning sexual child abuse, labeling the charges a "carefully crafted hoax [...] scripted by a person or persons with considerable knowledge of the people and institutions of Omaha," but without identifying who perpetrated the hoax...[3]"


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