Europe Finally Waking Up to Islam Threat?

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Adam's Apple, Dec 28, 2007.

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    The Rise of Mosques Becomes Catalyst for Conflict across Europe
    Ian Traynor in Wangen, Switzerland
    October 11, 2007

    If Ulrich Schlüer has his way the Wangen minaret will be toppled. An MP from the rightwing Swiss People's party (SVP), the country's strongest, Mr Schlüer has launched a crusade to keep his country culturally Christian.

    "Unlike other religions," he argues, "Islam is not only a religion. It's an ideology aiming to create a different legal system. That's sharia. That's a big problem and in a proper democracy it has to be tackled. If the politicians don't, the people will."

    Switzerland's direct democracy rules require referendums if there is enough public support. Mr Schlüer has launched a petition demanding a new clause in the Swiss constitution stating: "The building of minarets in Switzerland is forbidden." He already has 40,000 signatures. If, as expected, he reaches 100,000 by this time next year a referendum is automatically triggered.

    "We've got nothing against prayer rooms or mosques for the Muslims," he insists. "But a minaret is different. It's got nothing to do with religion. It's a symbol of political power."

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    Across Europe, Worries on Islam Spread to Center
    By Dan Bilefsky and Ian Fisher, New York Times
    October 11, 2006

    BRUSSELS, Oct. 10 — Europe appears to be crossing an invisible line regarding its Muslim minorities: more people in the political mainstream are arguing that Islam cannot be reconciled with European values.

    “You saw what happened with the pope,” said Patrick Gonman, 43, the owner of Raga, a funky wine bar in downtown Antwerp, 25 miles from here. “He said Islam is an aggressive religion. And the next day they kill a nun somewhere and make his point."

    His worry is shared by centrists across Europe angry at terror attacks in the name of religion on a continent that has largely abandoned it, and disturbed that any criticism of Islam or Muslim immigration provokes threats of violence.

    For years those who raised their voices were mostly on the far right. Now those normally seen as moderates — ordinary people as well as politicians — are asking whether once unquestioned values of tolerance and multiculturalism should have limits.

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    I think such attitudes are certainly becoming more prevalent in Europe. I have a number of relatives in Holland, which is a pretty liberal country. In the past, they've been extremely welcoming of immigrants of any race, creed, or religion. In the past couple of years I've heard a lot more resentment coming out of that country; the feeling that by doing the right thing and taking in so many displaced Muslim immigrants, they're being repaid by those same immigrants wanting to change Holland's legal system to reflect Islamic law, and violence carried out against critics.

    Just an observation, but if people in Holland are starting to say 'enough' I imagine similar sentiments must exist in most of Europe, because Holland is typically one of the most liberal nations on the continent.
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    Religion cannot be reconciled with liberal democracy. It's just that some religions are willing to give up more than others. Islam has traditionally been barbaric. They've never had an "enlightenment". While the Americans and Europeans that convert to Islam are usually moderate and influence the immigrant muslims, the muslims that grew up in Iran are always going to be different. Some Muslims who migrate to Europe still pretty much act like they are in their hope country, and only communicate with other immigrants.

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