Eugenics is not why America had a post WWII golden age

Discussion in 'History' started by Toronado3800, Jun 5, 2011.

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    This quote was found in another thread. I find it dangerous and mal-informed at the same time. Enough I will suggest anyone who supports it to be neg repped.

    The first problem is it forgets the systems put in place in the thirties which created America as we know it.

    Second it ignores the level of national pride and teamwork WWII created.

    Third it ignores the destruction of the world's other advanced economies. What competition was there in 1950? Germany, Russia, France, England, China? The war was fought across their countries not ours. Canada and Austrailia perhaps?

    Fourth, the statement maker needs to think about the genetic effect one complete generation of breeding can have on even dog breeds. Very little.

    Sure if you outright eliminate everyone with blue eyes to pass on the next generation will have fewer ppl with blue eyes. Not like the Eugenics Nazi's were that succsssful here in the twenties though.

    Fifth, after the war America became less bigoted. Production was obtained from women and Blacks. Talk about a good portion of the populace we put down before the war making the country better!

    These secret pro racism statements like the one I quoted are dangerous.
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