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    German Foreign minister of the new CDU-FDP government in Turkey.

    "We all know that freedom of opinion, of the press and of religion are pillars of the values of our European community," (...) "work of reform in Turkey on its path to Europe is not yet complete. I want to encourage you to continue." But he promised that Germany would honor its agreements on Turkey's entry.

    Westerwelle pointed to the government's coalition contract, which promised to engage in EU membership negotiations with an attitude that was "open to any result." On being asked whether he spoke for the whole government, Westerwelle said, "I'm not here as a tourist in shorts, but as the German Foreign Minister. What I say counts."
    LINK: Westerwelle says Germany will not stand in the way of Turkish EU entry | Europe | Deutsche Welle | 07.01.2010

    This constellation of German government is the most disadvantageous for Turkey, as FDP is liberal-marketists and CDU is christian conservative.
    Other parties in Germany like SPD and "Greens" do openly support Turkish EU-Accession.

    So the German coalition in a constellation of German parties not really advantageous for Turkey now takes a course not to harden the negotiation process.
    It was German Foreign Minister Westerwelle's pressure on the EU summit in December that a further negotiating chapter (environement) has been opened against the opposition of France. France is currently blocking everything in regardance to EU-Turkey.
    LINK: Westerwelle in der Türkei: Sanfter Druck vom Duzfreund - Westerwelle in der Türkei - FOCUS Online
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    Turkey bustin' at the seams with Syrian refugees...
    Turkey Feels Strain as World's Largest Host of Refugees
    June 20, 2017 — This U.N. World Refugee Day sees Turkey designated for the third consecutive year as the country that hosts the most refugees.While Ankara continues to stand by its policy of welcoming refugees, tensions within the country appear to be on the rise.

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