EU ban continues on Pakisan ‘sea food” as punishment

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    EU ban continues on Pakistan ‘sea food” as punishment

    I want to share my information that EU (European Union Countries ) banned Pakistani ‘sea foods” exports since Last 4 years due to this reasons business community those who are in this business faced losses at least US $ 50 million unable to export its sea foods to European Market last 4 years. This banned hurting and dis-appoint me too much how business community digest it God knows.

    The EU had enforce banned Pakistani sea foods products in April 2007 for quality issues and served several notices to the concern authorities to improve the standard of the products bounded for sea foods exported to European countries market.

    More interesting to share EU inspectors twice cancelled their visit to Karachi Fish Harbor, other facilities to check whether Pakistan met its all key issues and conditions which enable to lift ban from Pakistan.

    What efforts made by KCCI or FPCCI (Leading trade association in Pakistan) in this regard to protect the safe guard the interest of Those companies who are engaged in Fishing Industry in order to save from further losses and reduce the un-employment.

    It is the duty of our Commerce Minister to look the matter and take interest to requesting all Commerce and Foreign Minister to withdrawn this banned which is in force Since 4 4 years. Due to this our economy suffers too and ration of un-employment also increased.
    If you want to support us do not give us foreign aid but lift the banned with immediate affect to give life to all people who are engaged with FISHING INDUSTRIES in Pakistan.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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