Establishing the existence of God

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    Establishing the existence of God

    (If the solid state is absent, the existence of awareness must be proved in unimaginable way and this unimaginable component is God).

    If you say that awareness existed in the beginning of creation even without nervous system, logically it is impossible. Then you have to say that awareness must have existed in unimaginable way. This means that you have accepted the existence of unimaginable component in the beginning of creation, through which only, the possibility of existence of awareness without nervous system can be justified. Either you have to justify through logic or through unimaginable way. The path of logic is closed due to absence of solid state of matter in the beginning of creation. The only way left over is the unimaginable path, for which the unimaginable component is to be accepted. This unimaginable component is called as God by us and is denoted by the word Atma in Veda (Atmana aakaashah…).

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