Essay on Terrorism, Iraq, and US Elections

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    Long and twisting, but enlightening. These are excerpts with a bit of my own take on it. :

    A few words, basically with terrorism the purpose is to hit your enemy, make those citizens force the leaders to do something, then have their own citizens take the 'hit' from the reprisals, while they can propagandize into an 'attack'. Kind of a two for one deal-with the terrorists not taking a hit. This falls apart though, when the terrorists themselves are being hit, like they have been now, for over a year in Iraq. Bottom line, the only way to defeat them is to keep them running.

    The only way the 'revolutionaries now' can win is if the people don't see a stable government. If the government should fall, then reprisals could come down on those that had been supportive. The Iraqi government must look like it has 'staying power', which would be impossible currently, without the guarantees of US/Coalition backing.

    Perceptions matter, the Europeans supporting Kerry is also problematic in the sense that it can be perceived that the US will eventually cut and run...

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