Err Amerika's Sirota Thinks Obama might be Lying Regarding Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Media' started by mal, Dec 7, 2009.

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    David Sirota of Err Amerika's (p)eople's (r)epublic of Boulder's Affiliate was all but Calling Obama and his Administration Liars today:

    David Sirota - Author, Columnist & Journalist

    Progressive Talk - AM 760

    ^I am Sure you can PodCast Today's Show on one of those.

    I don't Agree with David Politically, but at least he's Consistent, and he was Taking Heap Shit from Liberal Callers who will Drynk the Obama/Jim Jones (Literally) Kool-Aid until they Choke.

    Basically it's on the Pull-out, or Lack of Honesty about a Pull-out of Afghanistan, and of course the CIA "Murdering" People from Langley.

    He Certainly had a Decidedly DIFFERENT Tone when these Policies were (43)'s, like Calling for "War Crimes", but this is a Start, and I Think More and More Liberals are Waking up.

    New Boss... Same as the Old Boss... That's your "Hope" and "Change" Kids.

    At Least (43) Supported the Wars he was Waging.

    Sirota was also in Support of Forcing Elected Officials to have whatever Socialized Healthcare that gets Pushed as their own Personal Healthcare.

    2010 is Looking MORE and MORE like 1968... And Maybe 2012 will be.



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