Erogeneity: Vitruvian Discourse

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    What is the metaphysical appeal of the iconic Hellraiser horror-film series, a series of films which present images/ideas/models of the human anatomy coming under extreme duress by the forces of terrible puncture and/or crushing or deformation?

    Hellraiser films present the ghoulish 'demon-leader' character Pinhead, an underworld 'gate-keeper' who himself is shown as having pins inserted across his head as a symbol of pleasure-pain dichotomy.

    Is there a philosophical way to coordinate society graphic-images with 'constructions/models' of anatomy ergonomics and erogeneity (perhaps based on da Vinci's Vitruvian Man)?


    Here we see a computer graphic of many 'fibers/tendrils' of intersecting lines arrayed in a connective 'mosaic' and creating curvatures through intersections at random and non-parallel angles. These 'fibrous packs' of curvature-producing intersecting lines portrays 'sets' of amorphous 'objects' therefore (comprised entirely of lines!).


    We can 'extrapolate' our curved-line packets graphic above to create 'depictions' of the symmetry and elegance of the intersecting and weaving musculatures and fibers and bones of the human (e.g., male) anatomy. Notice the symmetry as well as the curvatures in musculature and bone orientations constructing the upright and straight (bot not 'linear') man! So what happens when this 'constructed elegance' collapses (say, under the weight of pressure or by force of puncture)?


    We know from depictions of bone and body devastation (e.g., in American horror-films such as Jaws and Friday the 13th and Knucklebones, etc.) that when the elegance and 'logic' of the human anatomy collapses, we see 'clumps of flesh,' 'pools of spilled blood,' and 'bodies with holes/tears.' If we therefore reference the elegance of anatomy as the 'Ideal Man,' then we can refer to the devastated man as, say, 'Leviathan.'


    Acupuncture tells us that there are human-pressure points all over the body (where bones and muscles and cartilage intersect and weave) which, when stimulated, can either excite or relax us. Indeed, many masseuses know of these 'pressure-points.' If we get a minor paper-cut while working with paper in the office-place or, say, get a scrape while working with sandpaper for a home-improvement project, we notice that the 'elegant textures/orientations' of the human body are 'disrupted' by the forces of friction/puncture. We can therefore compose a sort of 'prescription' for pleasure and pain --- based purely perhaps on texture-metaphysics (and science!).



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