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    Can a baby predict the environment it will be born into?
    Mother's diet during pregnancy alters baby's DNA
    18 April 2011 - A mother's diet during pregnancy can alter the DNA of her child and increase the risk of obesity, according to researchers.
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    Human biology has all the means to adapt and change. Here is how it works.

    Nazis invade netherlands but they don't like the fact that dutch resist. So in the winter of 1944, when they are pulling out of netherlands, they take everything and don't leave any food for dutch. So till allies come for help 6 months later, dutch people simply starve in winter time.

    The pregnant women in that era of 6 months of hunger does not have much nutrition in their blood. So when fetus is growing up in the womb, the newly forming digestive system form in a way that will will not waste any source of energy. This is ruled by simple physics an chemistry. So the children from that era end up forming in a way they don't waste any food in digestive system and simply store anything and everything possible. With an after war western diet, this means obesity.

    And when they get pregnant, their digestive system is still storing as much possible as it can, so still there is less nutrition in the blood compared to a normal individual, so offspring of this generation also suffers the same symptoms, but a little less than the previous generation. And this oscillates for generations and does normalize after a while.

    You can see environment starts shaping human in the womb, before birth. Treat your baby with extensive care. A research proved that rats being pet by their mother more end up being smarter. Every bit of care you give to your baby counts.

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