Enough with the hate and outlandish rhetoric already

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Grampa Murked U, Nov 8, 2012.

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    The election is over. Obama won. Get a fucking grip and move on with your life people.

    The board has become a cesspool of hate and anger.

    I DO own a business and I'm not hiring or firing anyone based on who the president is. I will do it based on my bottom line. So why don't I represent the typical gop business owner? Why is it always the extreme individuals who are chosen as the standard bareres?

    I'm not demanding impeachment. I'm not threatening violence. I'm not suggesting succession. I'm not telling the people to rise up against their govt. I'm not blaming the other party.

    Get a grip people and look within to solve your problems. We used our rhetoric to try to oust obama and WE failed.

    We need to move forward. Focus our energy on demanding fixes for our nations problems and stop fixiating on the past.

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