End Of Welfare Equals: End Of Illegal Aliens

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    By: Paula Devlin

    The War on Poverty needs to be ended and called the failure that it is. It has all but destroyed our country by destroying the work ethic, particularly among the lower classes.

    While there are truly needy exceptions, many welfare moms have babies solely to generate an income for which they do not have to punch a clock nor be held accountable to anyone. The largesse of politicians spending other people’s money – to guarantee their re-election – has lavished untold billions on this scheme and has nothing to show for it.

    Is there any reason to reward a woman for producing an out-of-wedlock child? Is it not possible that if that income stream were ended the stream of fatherless children would also end?

    Would it not make more sense to provide welfare only to intact or widowed families where the breadwinner were incapacitated to the point of truly being unable to work?

    The vast majority of children produced by the welfare mentality never become productive citizens and may very well be the ones the employers of illegals and their political puppets point to as the ones unwilling to do the low-wage jobs. Were employers required to hire those fired from the welfare rolls, it seems that the job market for illegals would dry up. And without the prospect of being able to fall back on Uncle Sugar when work seems less attractive than getting high, one might reasonably expect the former welfare recipient to consider the ultimate value of retaining that source of income.

    The welfare system enables people to be irresponsible and live in a perpetual state of dependence. It encourages the weak to join them. Allowing adults to be supported without personal responsibility has provided income to many people to support bad habits: idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

    The welfare system has generated a huge bureaucracy of professional care-givers who cannot impose any disciplines on their charges. Secular humanism has created a living hell for millions of people who have never been exposed to, much less taught, the lessons of self-discipline and personal pride. Traditional morality, an essential ingredient in a functioning society, has been decimated by radical antichrists determined to see everyone in hell with them.

    Having fostered the largest dependency system in the world, the politicians and bureaucrats seek to expand it, and continue to buy votes by enticing criminal illegal aliens to join the labor force and to benefit from services to which they are not entitled: education for their children, medical care, free lunch programs for their school children, driver’s licenses, in-state tuition rates for their college-age children, and no questions asked by the bank when they do business. Don’t-ask-don’t-tell is an abysmal immigration policy created by greedy traitors.

    When police stop a car that is driven by an illegal, regardless of the infraction, he is let go if he blathers in his native tongue. Illegals are not held accountable when they break our traffic laws. Since the Federal Government refuses to pick them up and deport them simply because they are here illegally, they have what is a free pass to do as they please, short of a felony, here in the United States. What kind of a message does that send? That is why it makes perfect sense to make any illegal presence here a felony.

    This liberal attitude towards illegal alien presence does not occur in any other country. In Germany, if you are involved in an accident, your blood is drawn immediately. There’s no ACLU whining about civil rights, only the government that says you have civil responsibilities. There are consequences for your behavior.

    Mexico is especially brutal to illegal aliens. Come to think of it, it isn’t so nice even to naturalized citizens either.

    As soon as we end ninety percent of the welfare, the unnecessary free medical care, free school feeding programs (what’s wrong with brown bag lunches and eating breakfast at home?), a vast army of workers who sustain these bureaucracies will be freed up to go to work. In fact, if we got rid of a few cabinet level bureaucracies, we would have many more citizens available to work in the private sector. If I ran the zoo, I would get rid of the Departments of Health & Human Services, Education, Commerce, Housing and Urban Development, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Interior, Labor and Homeland Security. I’d get rid of State, too, just because it is run by a collection of steaming nits who pride themselves on being the elite… brilliant members of the chattering class, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I would also eliminate the IRS, CIA and FBI as they have become an embarrassment. They have suffocated themselves in layers of deadwood, snarled in as many hidden agendas as there are bureaucrats and compromised their integrity in the process. Don’t get me started on the Federal Reserve Bank, the SEC and the parasitical UN.

    If government at all levels would cut employment by half, there would be plenty of Americans to pick lettuce and pluck chickens. It seems safe to call the vast majority of civil servants "guest workers" as they live off the sweat of the private sector. We don’t need any more guest workers! The United States government is the largest employer in the world. What a waste of talent and taxes!

    If bureaucrats worked in the private sector instead of for the government, they would devise more efficient ways to get their jobs done and raise the standard of living for all Americans. They would pay taxes and not be supported by taxpayers. They would have a vested interest in protecting our borders and making sure that the competition for their job was legitimate. They would raise a stink if their jobs were threatened to be moved offshore instead of rubber-stamping this economic treason.

    It’s a good thing that this is an election year because we can use the ballot box instead of violence to rectify the situation. Not only should you vote, but you should volunteer to work at a polling place. It is essential that all polling places have the proper number of poll workers to be sure that no illegal votes are cast.

    The vast majority of American citizens have been more than patient with politicians and the non-governmental organizations as they reshaped our national culture. However, those groups have crossed the line in the sand. They cannot be trusted. They must be dismissed and replaced by those who truly believe in the strict interpretation of the Constitution, national sovereignty, a gold-backed currency, the rights of private property, the right to bear arms and states’ rights. Failing that, the gallows for those traitors is increasingly attractive.

    We are perilously close to becoming a third world nation, overrun by corruption, greed and crime. If we do not succeed in overturning this malignant globalist mentality in November’s elections, our children and grandchildren will hold us in unbridled contempt for all eternity.


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