End of the War on Terror... WWIII?

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    With the end of the Cold War, we all looked forward to a future of peace. Unknown to us, radicalism was growing, terrorism was becoming an international movement, and today, we face the War on Terror, which by all accounts, seems to be a long-term kind of thing.

    The end of the War on Terror will be celebrated by our children. We can see down the road, at least that much. The strategy President Bush has put forth is to defeat terroism ideologically. The way for this is by transforming the Middle East.

    The Middle East is one of the wealthiest regions on the planet, yet its people are poor and suffering. They live under dictators and totalitarians. For this, they resort to violence and jihad... the only thing they are taught.

    The mindset will surely change. Look at Japan now... the nation we twice nuked, is one of the world's leading exporters. Iraq will be the same, as will other wealthy nations around Iraq, in due time. The Middle East will go from the land of the oppressed, to a thriving capitalist region.

    It is then, that the mindset behind terrorism will start to dwindle and fade away. It is also then, that communist nations will become economically screwed. They will view capitalism in the Middle East as an American Empire. Nations such as China will lose military contracts with nations such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Nations such as Russia will no longer export the most oil in the region. Russia and China will lose billions, only to stare right at the Middle East, or what they would see as "America's latest accomplishment for democracy."

    The socialist Russian economy and the communist Chinese will suffer greatly and start to collapse. Is it too much to say, that a coup in Russia is realistic, and that China will go about in their own preemptive period?

    About thirty years from now, I can see a Russian General overthrowing the Russian President and reestablishing a communist dictatorship to bring back stability to Russia. He will then, of course, try to reestablish the old Soviet Union. I could see Red China invading Taiwan, and probably South Korea... maybe even Japan.

    What we'd have here is the beginning of World War III. And while I agree with Donald Rumsfeld's goal to make our military lighter, faster, and quicker... I don't think a small American military could take on the Soviet Union and Red China at once.

    Remember... before 9/11, this was in everybody's minds. It might just be what we see when the threat of terrorism's over. The DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) lists threats 20 and 30 years from now. This is on their agenda.

    WWIII would be a nuclear war, but it would also be a war of many wars... we would have to liberate nations before hitting the mainlands. And could we even invade mainland China and win? It would last 7 or 8 years.

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