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    So there are these signs on state highways here. They say things like "END 35 SPEED LIMIT ZONE".

    I guess the special ed rejects at the state highway D.O.T. decided telling people the actual speed limit is too boring. Nooooo...they want us to guess. "We'll give you a hint. It isn't 35 mph." A little cat and mouse with the police is fun!

    I know what you are thinking. The sign is saying the speed limit is whatever it was before the 35 zone.

    One problem with that. I can show you two signs that are on state highways where there is no speed limit sign before the 35 zone. The state highway begins in the sticks, crosses another state highway, then enters a small town where there is a 25 mph zone, then a 35 zone, then an "END 35 SPEED LIMIT ZONE".


    Just one of many examples that this state I have moved to is chock full of special ed rejects. I am absolutely certain if this state was IQ tested, it would average well below the national average.

    Here's an idea. Tell us what the speed limit is!!!! What if someone got on the highway AFTER the 35 zone started you stupid stumblefucks?

    Who invented this sign? They should be fired with prejudice and forbidden to breed.
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