EMTALA: how a little known legislation created unintended consequences known as

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    A study released in May by the American Medical Association found that physicians lost $4.2 billion in revenue in 2001 providing care mandated by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act. The law requires doctors to screen and stabilize emergency patients regardless of whether they have health insurance or are able to pay for their care.

    Practice expense costs for emergency physicians are reimbursed by Medicare at $33 per hour, instead of the routine $14.90. The adjustment assumes that 55% of the time emergency physicians spend treating patients is uncompensated.

    EMTALA costs physicians billions in unreimbursed care - amednews.comEMTALA costs physicians billions in unreimbursed care - amednews.com

    Do those of you with logical rational thinking see the AFFECT on exploding Medicare expenses????

    MEDICARE is OK with paying 200% more because MEDICARE assumes 55% of emergency physician time is spent on uncompensated services!

    DO YOU people understand the snowball affect here?
    Medicare thinking they were doing a good thing FORCED hospitals to see uncompensated and KNOWINGLY accepts gross overcharges like these because they KNOW hospitals are padding and passing on "uncompensated " costs!

    Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center --- 4,844% CAT scans
    Ivinson Memorial Hospital--- 2,500% for Level V Drug administration
    Sutter Memorial Hospital --- 856% CAT Scan
    Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital --- 556% Injection pegligrastim 6 mg
    Gwinnett Medical Center - Lawrenceville 497% Level I plain film
    Duke University Hospital --- 467% Non-Myocardial PET
    Cooper University Hospital --- 339% Level II Cardiac Imaging

    These are just 6 of the 6,000 hospitals that routinely OVERCHARGE and Medicare is OK!
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