Employers and health care, another important example

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    i was working for a service company that were KNOWN for being scam artists, but they always told people they provided the best health care plans.

    a wanna-be plumber guy got hired there.
    his wife was making 60k per year, but she had no health insurance.
    the only thing this guy cared about was getting health care insurance for his family.
    he was only being paid probably about $300 per week.

    when the time came to sign up for insurance he chose Kaiser Permanente ,which he already had been paying for on his own.
    when the quote came in the company told him it would be about $240 per month.
    the problem was , he was paying about $230 per month buying it on his own.

    so he got on the phone Kaiser Permanente who supposedly told him the plans were identical.

    he was pissed.
    he basically barged into the manager's office and confronted him about the prices.
    it turned into a semi-vicious argument that spilled out into the main room.
    he said "this company is not paying for anything"
    the manager said "i assure you we pay a lot of money toward these health care plans"

    1) either the company passed 100% of the cost to the employees


    2) Kaiser Permanente was charging far more money for company plans then they were for individuals.
    and why not?
    the companies are the ones with the money right?

    my theory is, now that health care insurance will be forced, you will pay for over 100% of your share and what ever they get fom the company will be extra

    insurance was so important to this guy, he quit and got a job at Kaiser Permanente.
    ...true story.

    didn't matter to me either way, i wasn't paying for anything


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