Emblem Of Worst House Speaker In US History! GOP Off The USA Image Cliff!

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    The recent polling in the link shows the Party of Abraham Lincoln now more in disgrace than is usual, if like it should be(?). The unfavorable rating has managed fall way off the cliff, even before the schools let out: So that Governor can cover the doorways. The Democrats are still on the favorable side, in America, at this time.

    First Thoughts: GOP goes off the image cliff - First Read

    Leading the Lemmings is The Speaker of The House. The Millionaire Mormon is getting a car wash for free, just today, in Southern California, south of Los Angeles--where there is moisture. Likely The Bishops may be trying to communicate--about spreading things around(?)! Prayer and Fasting happens a lot in California--even after all the Cocoa Puffs(?). . . or something(?)!

    Boehner and Ryan are both opposed to spending, espececially online or in retail outlets: Nationwide. In return, they manage to think that the rich need the tax cuts(?)!

    Following the reasoning, of their sales pitch: Of course the rich are going to need the tax cuts! If there is no spending, then the rich won't have any money any more: And will they ever need the tax cuts(?)!

    Someone objected to the recent legislation banning "lunatic" from federal law(?).

    Anyone has to admit that one person in the federal legisture: Is qualified for for Speaker of the House!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Maybe now Manhattan worth its weight: At least in necklaces, made of clam shells(?)! The $60.0 bil. Storm Relief money is not on the table--cleary any time Soon! That is Boehner-Ryan!)
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