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    I really get tired of some of the signature lines people at work put in their emails. I work for a Fortune 500 company, I’m there to do a job, not read your cutesy, religious, political, or quasi professional signature line.

    Below are examples of some the signature lines I have seen in coworker’s emails and my commentary about them.
    Go Green Tip: Use matches, not lighters. Matches are made from recycled material but lighters end up in land fills.

    Hey Asshole, I use a refillable Zippo lighter when starting fires in old growth forests.

    You will not be promoted until you trian somebody else well enough to do your job.

    Hey Asshole, you spelled "train" incorrectly, who was the idiot that promoted you?

    Please save trees and don’t print this email.

    Hey Asshole, common paper is made from trees specifically planted for making paper. It’s not only a renewable resource, but young vigorously growing forests do more to benefit the environment than just letting that land lie dormant.

    Have a blessed day, Jesus loves you.

    Hey Asshole, you cc’d 4 Jews, 1 Native American, 3 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 1 atheist and 5 Indians in this email. Your religion means nothing to them, shut up about it.

    Always question the status quo, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

    Hey Asshole, you just proved there is such a thing as a stupid signature line. Why are you such a moron? How’s that for a question?

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