Elizabeth Warren supports Commie China

Discussion in 'Congress' started by Luddly Neddite, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Elizabeth Warren Praises Communist China - Elizabeth Warren - Fox Nation

    Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts, says in a campaign speech:

    fux' headline:

    Elizabeth Warren Praises Communist China

    fux flat out lies but I'll bet you gullible rw's will fall for it.

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    You could definitely make the argument that Fox was, as is often the case, being seriously hyperbolic, but I gotta tell you. . . as much bullshit as flies out of that news outlet, they weren't too far off the mark on this one.

    You watch that speech she gave months back where she was basically saying what the president was saying in his "You Didn't Build That" speech, and she actually uses verbage somewhere along the lines of, "We'll let you keep a good chunk of that (money that you made as a successful business operator)". Basic comprehension ought to make it obvious that the implication is that wealth belongs to "the people" (read: government) first, and not to the individual who was able to create/procure it. Via the rest of her speech (essentially along the same lines as You Didn't Build That: she talks about "we" paid for the schools that educated your work force, "we" paid for the roads that took your product to market") she makes it clear that what she's suggesting is redistributing wealth. Redistribution of wealth that belongs first to "the people" and -then- to the one who created/procured it, -if- "the people" can afford to let him/her keep it. You'll probably accuse me of going red scare, but those're basic premises of Marxism right there. Maybe her ideology isn't full fledged communist, but if you watch her talk on TV you damn sure could've fooled me.

    Now, with that in mind, she wants to make the argument that we need to spend more government revenue on infrastructure. She could use Europe as an example: hybrid economies that can't be called all-out communist, and the continent averages 5 percent GDP spent on infrastructure. But no, none of those Euro countries would suit her (albeit possibly because two of their major infrastructure spender nations are Spain and Greece, and we all know how their economic model's been working out of late). She has to choose communist China and essentially make the statement that we need to be more like them (albeit in a relatively minor aspect in the grand scheme of a political-economic model). Now, deny it up and down if you want, but pointing out what someone else is doing and then lamenting that you're not doing something more similar to what they're doing is something of an underhanded compliment. By acknowledging that you need to be closer to their path, you're acknowledging that they're on something approaching the proper course.

    So the woman's famous for spouting ideals that are major pillars in the framework of the communist philosophy, then she says we need to be more like -China- (not Europe or any other example) in our infrastructure spending, and it's a big issue for you that a lot of RW's are calling this "praising" China? Praising might be a strong word, but a flat out lie? Lol.

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