Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month...

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    The coincidence of numbers is . . . well, coincidence.

    Never the less they keep popping up. The eleventh day has now come to represent both a respite from war and bloody outrage. So, by coincidence, the eleventh significance becomes a date with a deeper and more complicated message in the metaphysical sense. This is the way that myths are made. Myths are not necessarily bad unless they are used for dodgey outcomes. We are coming to an end of a period when old myths are being threatened by the creation of new myths of questionable grounding and certainly full of error and faulty assumptions for the limitation of good to the many for the benefit of the few.

    The process of leveling the social playing field has remained a constant throughout history. In the Syriac and Achaean of periods of cultural development (the first documented with language symbols on clay or other media) records incidences of equitable social organization followed by a bureaucratic overlay, followed then by the rise of dominion by an aristocracy and then royalty. The high point of most cultures and civilizations were met by resistance from without (other royal dominions) and from within, by internal forces of an aggrieved "little man". The United States came about as the result of the discomfort of an aggrieved "little man", led by an educated and morally noble elite that we call the founding fathers. Those "little men" in our nation state took up arms against an overseas dominion and defeated them after a long insurgency. Our "little men" then made a history of taking up arms in the defense and assistance of other "little men" in the various fractionalized state entities in our hemisphere. (Catch up on the Monroe Doctrine) That defense and assistance has now morphed into intervention on behalf in or defense of powerful economic entities - the "little man" be damned or be dead.

    "Little men" flourish in truly open and democratic nation states. They wither and become aggrieved in situations of less than balanced states when there is a monied or morally presumptive elite seeking to practice a slash and burn, winner take ALL outcome with imperialist intentions. Stalinism, Maoism, or any other National Socialist movement would be an example of a morally presumptive elite.

    There have been many just wars. The one in which we are now engaged is far from just and far from having a just and equitable outcome just yet. It will however become a seed bed for the creation of myth and legend of a noble selfless infantry who are being used for dodgey outcomes by a less than noble elite. "Little men" become the true nobility by giving up their liberty and freedom to a military organization, spilling their blood and losing their limbs for someone else's interest, good or bad.

    Numbers and date will continue to take on significance whenever they are associated with the best of times and the worst of times.


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