Electronic Wiretapping, Google, and China...its come to this...

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    If you haven't been following it, the Google Vs. China story that's been developing as a result of China's attempt at hacking Google has been a fascinating warning of things to come. That's why this twist is especially surprising....
    US Enables Chinese Hacking of Google

    (CNN) -- Google made headlines when it went public with the fact that Chinese hackers had penetrated some of its services, such as Gmail, in a politically motivated attempt at intelligence gathering. The news here isn't that Chinese hackers engage in these activities or that their attempts are technically sophisticated -- we knew that already -- it's that the U.S. government inadvertently aided the hackers.

    In order to comply with government search warrants on user data, Google created a backdoor access system into Gmail accounts. This feature is what the Chinese hackers exploited to gain access.

    The rest of the article is a deeply disturbing lesson in unintended consequences. It turns out that the United States Government required email providers, cell phone makers, and other technology firms to provide certain back doors to facilitate NSA wiretapping and information gathering programs.

    Surprise surprise, the Chinese and others have been using these back doors to hack email providers, listen in on cell phones, etc.

    I know a lot of folks viewed the US program of electronic intelligence gathering as a case of "If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide." Do people still feel that way now that is likely the Chinese are the ones watching you?
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    Its going to be scary moving forward on this subject.

    The "series of tubes" is so vital to our ability to stay ahead of the constant stream of lies from all sectors.

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