Elected Tea Fanatics Fewer Than 50 Punto! Liberals & Moderates Win!

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    All Boehner needs is 218, and so moderation wins. All the new Democratic House Leadership needs is 218, and so moderation wins. Since the civilized world is mostly socialist: Liberal agendas likely win, including even tax increases on the rich! Proposition 30 in California, with tax increases, and on the rich: Won more than expected!

    What Happened to the Tea Party (and the Blue Dogs?) - ABC News

    Continuing, there is one tea nutcase in the Senate, and one is governor-elect. The Massachusetts Senate Poster-Guy(?) didn't win, but the Senate is now more liberal. Only 46 or so House Berserkers are no longer even a needed "tail wag" to court. The Republicans likely notice that they are better off without them, even already!

    "Isolate and Eradicate" is probably a winning new Republican strategy, even for the midterms. A President Eisenhower helped end the uncompromising, Senator Joe McCarthy tyranny! Where General Eisenhower had won at war, Europe came around to a Socialist, tax-raising, anti-hoarding mentality. China does well with socialism. "Liberation" actually works better with "Widespread Wealth Worldwide!" Out of that can arise any anarchy, if in fact anti-government is really what Republicans are all about.

    To characterize the losing GOP mentality: Trump said it best. "Democracy doesn't work. . . .(for Republicans(?))!" In the Free Venice Beachhead, even of decades ago: "Madmen and Assholes do Exist(?)!" That could be noted, therein, and then--with Reagan and Kissinger around(?)! Famous author Ken Kesey even knew about the Free Venice Beachhead--though maybe even then, it may have been too late(?)!

    Now the Ivy League even does Ronald Reagan at the bureaucratic level(?)! Take what deficit thou already hast: And send it off to the already prosperous(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Lands of Many Nations maybe vote to send Squaw Bachmann to Afghanistan--Lead many charges against many peoples, in the thousands, camped along riversides(?)!)

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