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    Would you say you have had more grief..or more joy...in your life??

    And would you say you have more to be ashamed of....or more things to be proud of??
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    Life is a gift.

    What kind of gift?

    If you think life is the kind of gift like the itchy sweater your great aunt knitted for you, you will find life to be very uncomfortable.

    If you think life is the kind of gift that was heavily advertised with all kinds of flashing lights and sound effects, you will find yourself in a perpetual quest for batteries and easily bored.

    But if you think life is a gift of Legos, then it is all up to you what you make out of it.

    We've all had spears thrown into our chests. Some people don't want to remove the spears, because how else will everyone know what was done to them?

    It's a shitty way to go through life.

    A father knows before his children are born they will not be perfect. He therefore does not expect them to be. And when his children make mistakes, it does not change the way a good father feels about his children one bit.

    If a child makes a mistake, it opens up a gulf between the child and the father. But a good father will see it as his duty to reach across that gulf and bring the child back to him.

    Life is good.
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