Egyptians celebrate, pressure army to keep pledges

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    CAIRO (Reuters) – Millions took to the streets to celebrate a new Egypt on Friday, reminding military rulers to keep their promise of a swift transition to democracy after protests swept away autocrat Hosni Mubarak in just 18 days.

    On an emotional day that was also a memorial to the 365 people who died in the uprising, many said they would guard promises from the military of elections within six months.

    "This is a serious message to the military," said Mohamed el-Said, 28, who traveled to Cairo from Port Said. He gestured to a colorful sea of people from all walks of life around him who rallied to mark the stepping down of Mubarak a week ago.

    "After today, it will be more than obvious to them that if they don't protect the revolution and respond to the people's demands, the next time people go down to Tahrir won't be to celebrate victory, but they will bring their blankets with them like before," he told Reuters in Tahrir (Liberation) Square.


    Egyptians celebrate, pressure army to keep pledges - Yahoo! News

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