EFSF Guidelines Have EU nations disqualified before they apply for the aid

Discussion in 'Economy' started by JimBowie1958, Oct 20, 2011.

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    The EU nations that plan to use these funds are not only counted as contributing to their own relief fund, thhus artificially boosting the total funds by about $80 billion, but they dont even qualify to get the help by the rules of the insitution itself.

    Not only will this not work, but there is absolutely no intention of being honest and looking at the reality of what is involved here at all. It is nothing but wishful thinking, posturing and blowing rumors to float the markets.

    These bastards are lying about qualifications before the ink on the document is even dry!

    This whole thing is so much bullshit.

    This is nothing more than very thinly veiled market manipulation, as for example earlier today the DOW climbed mor ethan 100 points on the announcement that the Germans were going to make an announcement later!

    Lololol, if this were the main plot of a novel, an editor would kick it out for sheer unbelievability! But it isnt fictio; it is how the EU operates, lolololol.

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