E'ed plebnista: are we becoming a legal theocracy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Quantum Windbag, Jul 4, 2012.

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    One of the things that makes science fiction in general, and Star Trek in particular, so compelling is the way putting things in another context allows us to look past our prejudices and preconceptions to see the truth. I think that this "The Omega Glory" is a perfect example of that, especially if it helps us reconsider the way things are progressing today.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGO-SldLrNA]The Omega Glory: Kirk's Greatest Speech - YouTube[/ame]

    Government has gotten more complex and specialized than it was even the few decades ago that this episode originally aired. It takes years of specialized training to understand the laws and regulations that make government critical to our economy and society. Government bureaucrats have become the Pharisees that interpret the law and write the regulations, Congress is the Sadducees that maintain the temple by writing laws and levying tithes on the supplicants, we worship before the altar of the common good. The ultimate tenet of our religion is we accept the decrees of the government as infallible

    Businesses that become successful are forced to "donate" to the temple of government by hiring lobbyists to make sure that the decrees of the council of Pharisees benefit them and destroy all their competition. Any business that refuses to join the religion is brought before the Sadduccees and subjected to an inquisition. Ultimately, they convert to the religion of lobbying, and are forgiven after paying a proper indulgence.

    We, the People. need to rise up and insist on a wall between government and business.
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    Capt Kirk ends another class warfare skirmish..

    See QW -- We've been trying to get DEMs and REPs to move this issue of govt/corp collusion farther up the priority list.. (We being libertarians and independents)..

    But the problem is --- Dems reply that it's NOT the Pharissees or the Sadducees -- it's campaign donations (Wrong) --- And the Reps look at the collusion as "tax relief" boosting American exports.

    They need to see how we've turned a proud specie of entrenprenuer into a salivating beggar of a pet.

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