educating idiots on welfare and social programs.

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    I know republicans like to bitch and moan about those illegal aliens taking the benefits we set forth to the poor in our society, but this would not be the case.

    Foodstamps: To apply for present day food stamps you need to fill out an application. In this application you have to submit your SS# Without that number the person at the DSS office returns your application to you before they even process it. if you cannot provide a SS# they will not even process it. The answer is no. So no the US does not give welfare to illegals. they cannot even get processed without a SS#. You cannot come to this country, go into the welfare office and get handed a EBT card to go charging up your dinner on the US taxpayer.

    Medicare and medicaid: Again, these services require a SS# number to process. Yes, it would be possible for a person to get emergency care in an emergency room or possibly use a free clinic but these are not under the huge umbrella of medicaid and medicare.

    Social Security: Again, illegal immigrants do not get this because you need a US government issued SS# and since they are illegals they do not have one.

    Public schools: require a Birth certificate and often SS card along with other proof of residency from parents, along with proof of custody for guardians. It is true that if the parents gave birth here they would have a birth certificate, and it is not hard to get proof of residency. Still if they just drag their kids here their child could not enter the school without exposing themselves as illegals.

    unemployment: requires a SS# and being employed for a certain time with a legitimate employer paying taxes on your benefit. Day workers who work off the books have none of this and even if we did process an application for them without a SS#, which can't actually happen, there would be no record of employment and taxes in order to set benefits at.

    I don't see any of these areas where we are just handing out money to any illegal who asks. No one has set up these systems to allow people to presently just ask and receive. All these systems require applications, identification, and valid US SS#s and multiple forms of ID. If you think we are just handing out free money anywhere because of the democrats, liberals, or anyone else you are wrong.

    Even fake IDs and identity theft scams are hard to get to work today. Yes, there are some old scams to get fake SS3s that worked years ago before giant national computer bases, and huge improvements in modern IDs. Very simply the US government is aware of what SS#s have been issued, what numbers apply to the deceased, and even are quick at updating numbers which may be used for scams. Modern IDs have multiple methods for authentication, and most are now scanable even at gas stations by lottery machines. A good copier and some photoshop skills are no0t going to get you a copy that will pass at any government office. I know my SS card is probably easily reproduced, but that requires an ID match with my drivers license whenever I use that. It is not like I could just make up a SS3, make a fake card with my name on it, and go claim. They would be on my ass in any government office and I would be doing time for multiple offenses including a manditory 2 years for felony Identity theft. Maybe 20 years ago when government offices and records were not linked on a high speed connection to instantly verify with a national database, but not today. Its hard to buy alcohol and tobacco without a real government ID today due to lottery machines knowing how to scan government issued ID.

    Could you please point me to the exact programs who are handing out money to illegals based on some shitty photocopied ID or no ID at all? I just cannot see where the US is the land of free government money due to the liberals wanting to hand out tax money to every person who crosses the border.

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