Eat more Meat.

Discussion in 'Health and Lifestyle' started by Mindful, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Oh. Heh heh. I missed that part of your posting. No. Not a private message. That's just your standard unconcerned means of saying hit the bricks and stay out of my conversation, unless you're specifically included in my quotation, particularly if I'm making a general statement that isn't germane to any specific Individual.

    If you want to interject yourself, then, I'm fine with it so long as you do so nicely. But if you only want to be condescending and make it personal, I feel like I'm almost obligated to tell you that you're tinkering with the champ in the condescendence department. Oh, I'm undefeated.

    My correspondence with buttercup in the quotation you took issue with was a general one which did not specify any Individual on this board. And it was spot on. So, take your arbitrary victim status card and put it away. Hon.

    What'd you do, wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? You seem overly sensitive. Gosh. Some people indeed....
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    For the record, I don't agree with vegans (namely secular, non-Christian vegans which are currently the majority) on everything. In fact, at first I didn't even want to identify as a vegan, because I didn't want people to think that I agreed with certain ideas they hold that are based on an unbiblical worldview.

    Three or four years ago, I would have been right there alongside you, Cecile, and others here, arguing against vegans. I used to debate vegans, and I hated the ones who were militant and obnoxious. Solely based on their behavior, I specifically remember saying "I will never, ever be a vegan." But after debating them for several months, and after researching what actually goes on in the animal industries, and seeing it with my own two eyes, I eventually realized that there are no valid arguments against veganism.

    I think there are basically three reasons why people eat animal products. 1) Habit/tradition 2) The desire to satisfy one's tastebuds... And to a lesser extent, 3) The false idea that it is nutritionally necessary.

    When I looked at everything, and weighed both sides, the numerous compelling reasons to not eat meat far outweigh the handful of misguided or selfish reasons to do it. Also, as someone who has always loved animals, I personally could never slit the throat of a beautiful animal who strongly wants to live. So if I couldn't do it myself, how can I pay someone else to do it for me?

    You said that it's an ideology, not a diet. True, but for me it's just the idea that we shouldn't unnecessarily harm animals. (Real "radical" and extreme, huh?) I'm sure I will be called names by Cecile for saying this, but as a Christian, for me it comes down to choosing mercy and love. If someone is going to argue against that, go for it.
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