Dunwich: A Tale of Hook-Hands

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    This Internet-accessibility paranoia tale I cooked up was inspired by the mysticism-dominion films The Fog and Hook and is about the eccentric little English town of Dunwich.


    DISCLAIMER: I'm Catholic by faith and have no associations or knowledgeable experience with the Occult so please don't ask (and I'm retiring from Internet-blogging anyway)...


    In a disappearing town in England called Dunwich, many descendants of pirates were part of a secret cult called the Hook-Hands. Members of this cult would wear hooks on their fists every Halloween Eve and desecrate bodies in graves and then make alms and prayers to Satan (the Prince of Darkness). The leader of this cult was elected each generation by the other members, but since Dunwich was disappearing, the Hook-Hands decided to canonize and immortalize their cult by creating images of hooks attached to the hands of strange-looking individuals and post them on the Internet.

    The Hook-Hands created several elaborate websites and even registered under a Satanic forum. The purpose of these posts was obviously to immortalize the strange practices of the eccentric Hook-Hands but also to deliver the message that supernatural beliefs could never be eroded by the changes in history and the transitory quality of time and place. The Hook-Hands wrote in one post that Dunwich would be forever remembered as the 'cradle' of their cult, and the images they created using a graphic design software received favorable if confused reviews --- e.g., "These images are odd but visually interesting (they have a nice punk-rock feel to them!".

    One reader of these posts decided that this cult was strange indeed. This reader was a fanatical Christian named John Smith who decided that 'Internet free-speech' was not necessarily conducive to religious tolerance or pluralism and wanted to exploit the images the Hook-Hands posted on various forums including the Satanic forum with which they registered their special Dunwich cult. John Smith decided to travel to Dunwich and wear a metal hook on his hand on Halloween Eve. He proceeded to kill 5 random residents of Dunwich (one of them was a member --- unknown to John Smith --- of the Hook-Hands!). The press declared that it was possible that a member of the Hook-Hands was responsible for the killings...

    The member of the Hook-Hands who was killed by John Smith was an English tailor named Ford Thames who scribbled a note (in blood) for his cult-members to find (after Smith left him bleeding in his bedroom and thought-for-dead). Thames wrote, "The man who killed me was a Christian fanatic named John!" The Hook-Hands proceeded to hunt down John Smith and killed him in cold blood (in America). They then killed 5 policemen in America and 5 policemen in England and sent a note to the London Times:

    "The Hook-Hands are dissolved because of the death of our member Ford Thames who has been killed for anti-Internet blogging bigotry by a fanatic named John. The Hook-Hands have found retribution in the punishing of negligent policemen in America and England, and our hope is that our posts on the Internet (and the images of individuals with hooks attached to their fists) will remind people of the accessibility of the Internet and how democratic dialogue is conducive to religious pluralism. We also hope that our deeds will honor both the disappearing town of Dunwich (England) and the legacy of pirate folk-tales of bold bearded seamen-captains with hook-hands!"



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