DUH!!! You think????

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    "It is important to recognize some limitations[DUH you think???] in our modeling of prices.

    In particular, given publicly available data we cannot incorporate the effects of the ban on pre-existing conditions exclusions.

    This ban will cause a rise in premiums as insurers are forced to cover conditions that they had previously excluded.[DUH you think???]
    In addition, there are new premium taxes on insurers that will raise premium rates…

    Overall, we cannot predict the net impacts of these factors on premiums without more analysis."

    Obamacare, the law’s architect, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber, was all over the op-ed pages, talking about how the bill would reduce the cost of health insurance. “What we know for sure,” he told Ezra Klein, “is that [the bill] will lower the cost of buying non-group health insurance.”

    DUH??? and this guy is an MIT economist AND he said he couldn't account for the ban on "pre-existing conditions"!!!

    What the above says is due to Obamacare's ban on pre-existing conditions insurance premiums will rise! DUH you think??

    I mean consider the simple smoker versus non-smoker!

    For years EVERYONE even idiots on this board have been told "smoking causes cancer"!
    So well insurance companies know that TOO!

    BUT now without knowing if a insurance applicant smokes or doesn't smoke.. HOW will the insurance risk analyst calculate how much to charge for insurance?

    JUST raise the premium to that which they would have charged "smokers"!
    Thus everyone that doesn't smoke is NOW penalized by those that do smoke!
    Those that smoke are rewarded for their bad behavior !

    MAKES absolutely NO COMMON SENSE!!!

    Yet Obamacare TOUTS that feature!

    How Obamacare Dramatically Increases the Cost of Insurance for Young Workers - Forbes
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    Obama's own party havin' misgivings about Obamacare...
    Democrats expressing buyers’ remorse on Obama's healthcare law
    4/19/12 - An increasing number of Democrats are taking potshots at President Obama’s healthcare law ahead of a Supreme Court decision that could overturn it.
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    Misleading. The rating restrictions are "with respect to the particular plan or coverage," meaning that two people buying the same product can only see their premiums vary by at most a factor of three. That doesn't mean that the oldest person buying health insurance in an exchange never pays more than three times what the youngest person is paying, across all insurance offerings.

    People under age 30 have additional options available to them: catastrophic plans not meeting the minimum 60 percent actuarial value requirements levied on most exchange-participating plans. Lower premiums, high deductibles.

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