Duh Donuld fer VEEP

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Luddly Neddite, May 31, 2012.

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    Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Trump's Birther Conspiracy Claims (VIDEO)

    I'm serious.

    Look at this way. If the worst happens and President Obama is not re-elected, the economy is gonna be in the crapper for a long long time. If Obama IS re-elected, its still gonna take a long time to climb outta the hole left by ReaganBushBush.

    So, if - oh the horror of it all - if Mitt (corporations are people, my friend) Romney is elected, shouldn't we at least have the fun of watching BOTH Romney and Trump stumble around, saying really stupid things while they steal us blind?

    Second runner-up should be Christine (I am not a witch) O'Donnell, interchangeable with $illy (Queen Elizabeth is the political leader of the Great Britain and countless others) $arah and Michelle (I didn't make any mistakes) Bachmann.

    Write to Mittens today. Let him know what your choice is cuz we all know how he listens to the serfs and cares deeply (I'm not concerned with the very poor) about their concerns.

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