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    Seems there is a positive slant to US military in France of all places!


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    At nine minutes and 30 seconds into the broadcast, Pujadas says that "the scale of need must not hide the failure to provide it." He introduces the next report: "... the failure of a French civilian rescue mission in one of the most heavily affected areas."

    We learn that 100 French firefighters as well as rescue and response workers have been sent to Meulaboh to establish a field hospital but that 8 days after their deployment and 15 days after the disaster, only 25% of their supplies have been delivered "because France has no helicopters [to deliver them]." (NB: during the Afghanistan war, France had to rent ALL of its helicopters from the Russian army.)

    "The good will of the rescuers is not in question," says Pujadas. "This is well and truly a foul up."

    Yes, those were his words. Watch the damn video if you don't believe me.​

    Had to do this, there is much more at the site.

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