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    So in this dream my two ex husbands were both trying to murder me, but they had separate groups of friends who were helping them. My cousins were in town visiting but I was also in the process of moving to another state, and my mom &dad were out of town and I forgot to feed there dog. But when I finally remembered, the 1st ex husband kidnapped me and he was planning on dissecting me like a frog in front of his friends. There was a girl there who wanted to help him cut open my insides and put them in a jar. I wasnt sure why she was mad, I knew that my ex husband was mad because I left him. Anyway I could see inside his mind and even though there was tape over my mouth I knew he really didnt want to kill me, he just wanted me to apologize and never leave him again. So I told the girl with my mind to let me go and explained he was just a crazy. So the girl quickly released me behind his back and I escaped. When I got to my moms house her dog was starving and I felt really bad and fed him and cuddled him and cried about his hunger because he had been neglected. Then my cousin called and was coming over but told me to hide all the animals because a lunatic was on the loose and was going to try and capture them and kill them. So I brought the cats and dog in the house and was hiding with them upstairs. I saw this black suv drive by several times. Then my youngest daughter called and said they were hanging out at some new friends house from some weird religion. I told them to come home but they said they couldnt because they were in another state. So I had to drive to another state to find them. There was a lady and dude having dinner with there kidsand she told me some jibberish that sounded foriegn but was supposed to be a religious practice. They seemed unconcerned that my children were missing. So I called my aunt to come help me find them. my aunt found my youngest child and went home. But it took a long time I went searching everywhere for my oldest child. Finally I called Dilloduck and said I cant find my kid because his family owned a resteraunt in that area called "Dilloducks" it was a fancy yuppie resteraunt. So he said he would come help me find her because he knew the area well. He told me about a baseball field that had a weird baseball storage slide. So while I was looking there and waiting on him to arrive, my daughter shows up suddenly drenched in green slime. She was real happy and said she had the best time ever that people in the new state were alot nicer and they went slime swiming. I was kind of mad that she scared me but glad she was safe. So I called dilloduck back and said I found her you dont need to bother. He said well we might as well get a steak dinner since Im already on my way. I said well shes full of slime , he said he didnt mind his family owned the resteraunt so we can show up slimey if we want to. Then I woke up.:eek:
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