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    The Dream Act puts the parents on a path to citizenship via the children. The message is to those who want to enter this country by crossing the border or on a visa is “bring a child with you.” The key to amnesty is a child. Dream Act is a rouse.

    How far are the democrats willing to go to give amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens?

    What is the obsession democrats have with keeping illegals in this country? Next ploy may well be that they will stop illegals from leaving the country and taking their children with them.

    What kind of pardon are we going to give the American citizens who is in prison for committing a crimes that have children?

    Well, "the Dream Act is not for the parent but for the children who is only here because of their parents?" The hell it is. No way are we going to put the children on a path to citizenship and deport the parents and the other siblings who are not in school and in gangs. The Dream Act is a package deal.

    Withholding citizenship from children of illegal aliens is not a punishment. They have always been able to attend school and that will not stop if the Dream Act bill is not passed. To attend school they do not have to be on a path to citizenship. Deporting them back to Mexico with their parents is not a punishment. Those children they crossed the border with or overstayed their visa with were taken from the families and friends, so taking them back across the border is no different. “They’ve been here for decades” is not excuse for not deporting them either. Criminals who have dodged the law for decades are not given a break.

    Dream Act is a rouse by the democrats to put all 20 million illegal aliens on a path to citizenship and any 5th grader can figure that out.

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