Dr. Elaina George Blows the Whistle on Big Medicine: A must see interview!

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    One of several SBN Interviews with Dr. George

    Dr. Elaina George is a Board Certified Physician and is very knowledgeable about the politics of healthcare. She is a two time recipient of the "Patients Choice Award." The award is given to only about 5% of the nation's physicians based on the quality of care given.

    She is a physician who advocates for patients rights and is a host of the weekly radio program, “Medicine on Call.” She is also the author of “Big Medicine.”

    Recently I listened to an interview with Dr. Elaina George on SBN. Here are some of the highlights of that interview:

    Before the Affordable Care Act was passed there were dozens of insurance companies and hundreds of hospitals and community hospitals in rural areas all over the country. Since the Affordable Care Act has passed Dr. George explains there has been a consolidation. We now have five health insurance companies, soon to be three, she stated. She explained that what they are doing is getting rid of all of the competition so that they become the only game in town.

    They are setting the prices and the prices are going higher. They believe you have no choice because you are stuck in the system. Dr. George say she has worked in rural areas where she has seen patients who have traveled 300 – 500 miles for treatment because their rural hospital has been shut down.

    Obamacare is all about the cheapest provider, one size fits all medicine and keeping the profits in the corporate arena while telling the patient you should be happy to receive less and pay more.

    Asked about repealing Obamacare. She said, the system is broken. It's too late. They have destroyed the healthcare system already. Even if it is repealed, it doesn't change the fact that there are 5 insurance companies left. It doesn't change the fact there are nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are now running the hospitals.

    The answer is to stop paying into a system that is victimizing you.

    Why are doctors leaving the system and joining Christian ministry healthcare cost sharing programs? There are many reasons. Here are a few:

    Doctors who accept medicare and medicaid are forced to treat illegal aliens.

    Dr. George was informed that if a doctor undercharges they will face charges for fraud. If you become an advocate for your patient and want to give them the care for free– they would still face fraud charges. If they take medicare it is a criminal act to charge too much, charge too little, or not charge at all. They will come in and audit your office and shut you down. Who could possibly work under such conditions? Their only option is to get out.

    400 doctors per year commit suicide. They have been so demoralized and depressed over how the system is tying their hands from treating their patients that they are taking their own lives.

    What can you do?

    If you are on medicare and drop it your social security benefits will be cut off (awful but true). But you can add one of the supplemental policies or a Christian ministry plan as a secondary plan.

    For everyone else:

    You can leave your insurance company to barter for your care. Some are concerned that they will be fined. The longer they are without healthcare the greater the fine. There is a way out though.

    Dr. George says that you need to opt into a Christian Healthcare Sharing Ministry - which is allowed under the Affordable Care Act - and you will not be fined.

    Some also allow for holistic care – which includes chiropractors – when Dr. George does her taxes at the end of the year – she can check off that she has health coverage and she won't be fined. She pays less and is compliant but she isn't compliant with a system she doesn't believe in.

    You can drop out of Obamacare and join one of the four Christian Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries – and you'll still compliant with the law. This is wonderful news that Americans need to know about.

    Dr. George belongs to Liberty Healthcare. If you opt into such a plan– you are covered.

    Dr. George stated that Liberty Healthcare covers alternative care, any medical necessity including back surgery (which one staff member of her office required) at a premiere hospital, they are solvent – they do what they say they will do. Dr. George was so impressed with Liberty Healthcare she decided to become the medical director for that cost sharing ministry.

    How can they afford to do this? The doctors have opted out of the system and they have all come together and are providing the care that is offered -if you belong to that cost sharing ministry –you will be treated by a qualified doctor! These doctors have opted out of the system and have joined together to offer patients what they need.

    Free Market Management and independent doctors must be empowered.

    Until then? The American people do have an alternative. Opt out of Obamacare and contact one of these Christian healthcare ministries.

    To learn more - go to: Welcome
    Check out her book Big Medicine which provides a list of resources available to you.
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