Dowry Crusades: Evangelical Talk-Show

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    American consumerism in the age of media should promote more 'anti-socialism folklore.'

    This idealism-yarn was inspired by Videodrome.



    As the world became media-and-celebrity centric, consumers worldwide became more conscious of the valuation of fashion and merchandising. Everything was commerce, and after 9/11, when anti-capitalism terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center in NYC, people were more conscious than ever of the political weight of commerce-based socialization/networking etiquette and couture. TrumpUSA became a signpost for aesthetics-based consumer-idealism. How men dressed became as important as what they preached.


    A special wedding ceremony in Asia involved two Eastern movie-thespians exchanging dowry-gifts before the marriage in front of a live-TV audience broadcasted worldwide. The man and the woman marrying were Elaina Wu and Tim Huang, both respected Asian movie-stars, and their wedding-gift exchange was hyped on the American home-shopping cable-TV network QVC. Commerce-idealistic U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, "Broadcasting celebrities exchanging wedding-gifts represents new age optimism towards 'televised etiquette'!"


    A comic book writer named Ajay Satan decided to 'capitalize' on this public media event involving the broadcasting of private/domestic rituals to promote the notion that televised rituals represented a new age socialization focus on 'values-dialogue.' Ajay wanted to invent a comic book 'anti-hero' named the Crow (a resurrected urban vigilante) who tackled a nefarious druglord named Top-Dollar in a city of gloom symbolic of a modern danger of complete community values apathy. Ajay's 'Crow' would serve as a network 'totem' of values-centric customs-dialogue in the age of media and grassroots politics.


    Ajay decided to feature one Crow comic book storyline involving the eccentric anti-hero engaged in a televised pro-life evangelical crusade designed to dismantle the ominous power-ring 'aura' of the capitalism-exploitative druglord Top-Dollar. The Crow would host a pirate-TV broadcast of a Pro-Life Community telethon for city folk interested in values-ritual discussions about customs/civics hypocrisies such as dowry/wedding-gift deification without proper meditation on pro-life politics engendering humanist ideals regarding the rights of children in evaluating traffic norms. The telethon would bring attention to the morality-apathy created by the capitalism-exploitation circles of the power-and-gratification 'marketing' by the eerie urban druglord Top-Dollar.


    Ajay's special dowry/pro-life evangelical telethon Crow comic book storyline won him the Pulitzer Prize and soon, everyone was talking about the circulation of values-oriented topics in modern media and television. U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted, "I want to see more American TV programs about devoted Catholic/Protestant priests engaged in serious discussions about values-centric controversies (e.g., dowry-deaths, pro-life politics, media-scandals, etc.)." America (and the world) had become a 'den' for all kinds of 'vanity dialogue.'


    An animation-artist read Trump's tweet and decided to respond by inventing a new fictional Transformers A.I. robot-warrior named Cyclonus, a wolfish first-knight 'pirate' of a capitalism-corrupted planet called Cybertron, who would serve as a 'diplomat' of modern media-oriented socialization values regarding the idolization of piracy. Cyclonus would remind young audiences of commercialization-idols such as Pablo Escobar, Bill Gates, and Eddie Nash. Cyclonus became as popular as the Crow among young audiences in Hong Kong and Amsterdam interested in publicity of community values. Everyone was interested in ethics.


    A film-maker decided to make a live-action film-adaption of Ajay Satan's Crow comics in America. The film would cast two well-respected thespians in the roles of the anti-hero Crow and the ominous drug-emperor Top-Dollar. The film, simply titled The Crow, would generate millions in summer box-office revenues. Ajay tweeted, "I'm pleased my comic book character has inspired such a box-office mainstream cinematic hit, and perhaps President Trump will note how values-oriented art in the modern age of media reflects a social focus on free-speech and evangelism." Ajay continued to pen Crow stories about the anti-hero addressing pro-life politics in urban circles to dismantle the power-mystique of Top-Dollar.


    CROW: It seems my media-campaign is threatening your 'dominion.'
    TOP-DOLLAR: Humans will always be drawn to narcotics!
    CROW: Never underestimate the power of broadcasting...
    TOP-DOLLAR: Are you some kind of 'democracy idealist'?
    CROW: I'm a messenger of citizenry-vitality!
    TOP-DOLLAR: The urban landscape is one of merchandising.
    CROW: Artisans still care about the magic of consumerism.
    TOP-DOLLAR: You really think an evangelical telethon can mobilize politicians?
    CROP: When voters get involved in free-speech passions, leaders must act!
    TOP-DOLLAR: People care more about sports-cars than pro-life liberties...
    CROW: Yet, everyone is curious about the contours of socialization ideals.
    TOP-DOLLAR: I admit, even drug-dealers have to think about markets!
    CROW: Your obsession with profits will be your downfall...
    TOP-DOLLAR: We'll see if television can counter the cynicism towards free-speech.
    CROW: In the end, democracy will defy the notion that piracy is a toy.


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