“Don’t you see it as a source of pride?”

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    My President and some seemingly rational voices assure us that ISIS/ISIL/IS isn't Islam but 31 yr old Tunisian "student" Sufian Abbas begs to differ. Tunisia has one of the Arab world’s most educated and cosmopolitan populations yet contributes the largest number of foreign fighters to "the cause" and Sufian makes no effort to hide his enthusiasm for the Arab/Muslim World's latest incarnation of vicious Islamism.
    Make no mistake, as uncomfortable as it may be to face the cold, hard truth, ISIS is very definitely Islam 2014 in all its blazing glory:


    TUNIS — Nearly four years after the Arab Spring revolt, Tunisia remains its lone success as chaos engulfs much of the region. But that is not its only distinction: Tunisia has sent more foreign fighters than any other country to Iraq and Syria to join the extremist group that calls itself the Islamic State.
    And throughout the working-class suburbs of the capital, young men are eager to talk about why.
    “Don’t you see it as a source of pride?” challenged Sufian Abbas, 31, a student sitting at a street cafe in the densely packed Ettadhamen district with a half-dozen like-minded friends.

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