Don't Mess With Texas?

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    Ever since I googled "prominent list of truthers" and got a list of prominent birthers; I have been weary of Google and the implications of such dependency on search engines.

    After attempting to Google "Texas TSA bill facts", "Texas TSA bill name", "Texas TSA bill number", "Exact text of Texas TSA bill ", and "what does the Texas TSA bill actually say" I simply could not find any news articles that expounded beyond a Texas bill that would criminalize TSA procedures.

    I have been told--of all people some of my liberal friends--that Google--knowing everything--knows your political bias and skews your search results accordingly. Google has already stated publicly that they tailor marketing to you, why not?

    The Texas TSA bill has been hyped, but it really isn't as harshly worded as it sounds. It is already against the law to unlawfully touch someone's genitals, any that is simply what the Texas law prohibited, that and you know...ass play--if you're into that.

    I remember when ole Alex Jones--and no I'm not endorsing the man--was out there saying the TSA was going to be doing highway check points. Now videos are coming out, no thanks to the media, showing TSA doing unlawful random security screenings of people getting off trains and a judge randomly avoids having local police authority handle a high school prom, he orders that the TSA do it. And after a female brought a lawsuit: ok, just have a TSA officer there overseeing it. What Constitutional authority does this very young and ambiguous federal agency have to do anything but check bags at the airport?

    How did the federal government respond? They threatened economic terrorism if Texas followed through. Capitulation.

    States rights are just as integral to America as individual rights, and if you can mess with Texas why not any other state.

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