Don't let vapid celebs influence your life

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    The college admissions scandal underscores a simple question: why are millions of people following these so-called “social media influencers” like Olivia Jade?
    Don’t Let Vapid Celebs Influence Your Life

    This is exactly what we mean when we tell you how media, music, etc influence your thoughts, your kids etc. They are used to push communist agendas because all of these fkrs eat from the same hands.

    C'mon now they all hate/hated Trump . they all did not get a go to jail card when others surely would have if the tables were turned everybody knows this bs is going on including the demonic douches voting for these bastards.

    When people can't comprehend how this can possibly work it's hard fr them to wrap their brains around this celeb conn job. it's easier than you think.
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