Don't Fight For Freedom.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by AVG-JOE, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Don't fight for freedom. Freedom is an impossible pipe dream. With 'freedom' everyone does exactly what they think they can get away with, depending on the circumstances.

    :cool: Ask.... I might.

    ( :eusa_shhh: Don't tell AVG-MOM! )​

    We tried freedom a thousand years ago and got medieval kings out of the deal because humans can be assholes, and NOBODY wields power like an asshole. Freedom works as long there is plenty of real estate between your circle of friends and the next, or as long as you can bench press more than your neighbor or afford the price of an army of thugs who can and it's amazing the loyalty that can be had for 4 squares a week and a steady supply of mead and 15th century pussy!

    The minute general agreement states "Thou Shall NOT Kill!", and backs up the suggestion with consequences, you choose to live with 'Government'.

    :dunno: Now what?

    :eusa_think: Justice. I'll fight for a fair and honest marketplace.

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