Debate Now Donald Trump's Flip Flops

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    Thread discussion topic:
    • Donald Trump's inconsistent statements, his "flip flops" for which he didn't offer a sound/cogent explanation for his change of position, opinion, direction, tenor, tone, etc.
      • One may defend a flip-flop if and only if one does so on the intrinsic (not situational) merits of the flopped-to position(s) over the intrinsic (not situational) demerits of the flipped-from position(s).
      • One may chide a flip-flop if and only if one does so on the on the the intrinsic demerits of the flopped-to position(s) over those of the flipped-from position(s).
    • Nothing other than and nobody's other than Donald Trump's inconsistent statements, his "flip flops," are fodder for discussion in this thread.
    Thread discussion structure:
    • Minimally: Identify a flip-flop'd position by identifying the following:
      • Trump's original position, his flipped-from position
      • Trump's ending position, his flopped-to position
    • Maximally: In accordance with the guidelines above, defend or chide the flopped-to position.

    Posting structure example:
    Notice that there is no defense or chiding; I merely identify what Trump said and did.

    Donald Trump flip's positions more than iHop cooks flip pancakes, and he does so with far less good reason. Here's one:

    Use of force in Syria:

    In 2013, in the wake of Syria having used chemical weapons, Trump tweeted:
    And he felt that to attack Syria, the POTUS must obtain Congressional approval, tweeting:
    In 2018, Trump attacked Syria and obtained no Congressional approval, and the mere fact that he attacked Syrian targets indicates that he no longer cares about whatever debt and long-term conflict portents doing so carries.

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