Dogs Are Dopey at Times

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Zoom-boing, Nov 18, 2010.

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    So, two weeks ago the damn stray cats were in the yard. Again. Several times in one day. I let Penny out to chase them away. She must have slammed her snout on the fence and/or on the wire of the fence cause it was all puffy and swollen on the top and on the right side, just above her nostril. No cuts, no blood, no nothing but the swelling. She isn't in any pain but it's been just about two weeks and there is still a bump, although a good bit of the swelling has gone down on the top and on the side. So we took her to the vet. Her nose isn't broken (she hit the cartilage, not bone) so that's good. He shaved a bit of fur from two spots on her nose. Definitely two little scabs there. He thinks it just very badly bruised and . . . the bump on top of her nose might not go away!

    Also she got her distemper shot and heart worm test. Is it necessary to give a heart worm test on a regular basis? She was on Heart Guard until Midnight Marauder recommended Diatomaceous earth, so we've been using that instead of the Heart Guard. He gave her a shot of something (starts with a v) to help with the swelling. It was a cortisone shot. Some antihistamine pills and ointment to help dry out and heal. She's stuffy on that side of her nose and he gave us that to help prevent infection. Total bill was $173 and change. <sigh> At least she got a complimentary nail clip!

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