Does the History Channel sanitize WW2?

Discussion in 'Military' started by whitehall, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Like most US military buffs I am familiar with the US shooting down of Japanese Admiral Yammamoto's plane in 1943. It was perhaps the greatest intelligence feat of WW2 second only to the Midway victory but the History Channel in retrospect calls it an "assassination". US P-38's engaged Japanese Zeroes and shot down two Japanese bombers in an ambush over the Solomon Is. and the HC documentary tries to make a case that it was an assassination rather than a combat mission.. The HC goes further and calls the US P-38's a "killer squad". It's ironic that we justify two WMD's dropped on Japan two years and a couple of months later but the HC considers that a combat mission is an assassination because a single enemy officer was the target.
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