Does the AP Selectively File Lawsuits for Information?...

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    The Associated Press: Records: Miller admits to computer use, lying

    Records: Miller admits to computer use, lying

    (AP) – 15 hours ago

    JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska GOP Senate hopeful Joe Miller was suspended for three days and referred to an employee assistance program after admitting to improperly using three government computers, then cleaning the caches to cover up the activities, according to personnel records released Tuesday under court order.

    The personnel records were obtained by The Associated Press, the Alaska Dispatch, the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and the Anchorage Daily News, under open records requests and a subsequent lawsuit. Miller had until Tuesday afternoon to appeal the release, but chose not to.


    Gotta stop the AP right there... Did they sue to get to any of Obama's still Unreleased Documents?...

    They seemed Pleased that an Employee of a Hospital in Hawaii coming out and telling a Press Conference that he had seen the Birth Certificate, and they just let it go at that.

    How about School Records?... Information from when he Worked with Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers?

    Here's what the AP Justified it's Hunt on:

    The issue bubbled up before the primary, when blogger and Murkowski supporter Andrew Halcro posted a piece on his website that read: "We Know Palin Quit ... But why was Miller Fired? Say it ain't so Joe."

    Funny... He wasn't "Fired" as the AP was Hoping...

    Miller has said his suspension had nothing to do with his leaving the borough in summer 2009, an assertion that the records appear to support.

    Miller served notice of his resignation in an Aug. 2009 letter to Broker. He wrote that she has, twice within a week's time, taken "inappropriate actions with regard to my work" — including asking that he draft a memo related to a case even though he had raised concerns about a conflict.

    And again, does the AP the File Lawsuits to get info on DemocRATS?...



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