Does fear of fear drive American politics?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by BOBO, Jan 17, 2012.

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    It appears to me that the political stagnation that prohibits solutions to the USA's fiscal & social problems is driven by fear of fear. It seems to me that way to many of the American constituency are dwelling on questions like...

    1) "...but what will happen if..."

    2) "Yeah, but I'm not sure if we..."

    3) "We just can't go back to..."

    4) "What happens if it does not work out?"

    5) "Why change? As bad as it is it could get worse."

    6) "Do you want to risk that chance?"

    7) "Anything is better than the unknown."

    8) "It's our lot in life like why try to change..."

    The fear of fear keeps people in check by those that do not possess the fear of fear syndrome. The fear of fear seems to permeate American society today. So many of the American constituency seem to have become so group/herd oriented that they have come to the point of not being able to think for themselves... without a group consensus. People that have lost the ability to be secure in themselves are so easily manipulated by the individuals that are secure in themselves.
    Once a person loses security in themselves they lose logic in their thought process, & then replace logical thought with emotionally driven thought...

    "I use emotion for the many & reserve reason for the few."; {Adolf Hitler}

    Propaganda for the Masses Reflections on Hitler's use of Emotions in Order to Manipulate Reason

    Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Medias | The Vigilant Citizen

    The below link...

    Why Do People Fear Change - Personal Development, Self-Improvement

    ...I believe fairly well describes the current psych of most of the American constituency in general. I am not saying that all the American constituency are psychologically insecure in themselves but my 'guess', taking in the current political situation, is that around 92% to 96% of the constituency in America are trapped on the fear of fear wagon for the long haul.
    The following link...

    Culture of fear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia an article on the 'Culture of fear'. In the article is a quote by former 3rd Empire Marshall Hermann Goering. I believe Hermann's quote as listed is one of the great truths in the war of people of rational/secure thought using the fear of fear to control those... who rely on group consensus(emotions) to formulate their thoughts, opinions & actions. I would appreciate your opinions please.

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