Does anyone actually agree with the stament

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Quantum Windbag, Sep 13, 2012.

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    put out by the US embassy in Egypt?

    Lets break it down and examine each sentence to see just how abhorrent it really is.

    Why is the government condemning the legal actions of private citizens? Do we really want our government making judgements based on how people react to something?

    Before anyone points out Bush did the same thing, I will save you the time and admit he condemned the cartoons about Mohammad. Guess what, he was wrong too.

    By the way, what makes religious feelings special? Should we also condemn blonde jokes so we don't hurt the feelings of blondes?

    Sorry, we were honoring them because they are worthy of honor, not because it is a great way to tweak the noses of enemies of democracy. We would honor them even if democracy had no enemies because that is the way we are.

    Can anyone tell me when this happened? I thought this was about religious freedom, no respect for religious beliefs. Does this mean atheism is illegal in American democracy?

    I am sorry, but what the fuck? It is not abuse of free speech to hurt religious beliefs. Science hurts religious beliefs all the time, is that abuse of free speech?

    This statement is not just un-American, it is actually anti-American. It conflicts with everything Americans believe and stand for. I cannot honestly see how anyone can actually support it, and can only imagine progressives quibbling with me about one of the sentences. The rest of it should offend them to their bones, just like it does me, even if the reasons are different.
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    Do they know what it says in the book of islam about non muslims?

    I bet not...

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